Ah, the money thing. No one talks about it but everyone would like to have more of it. The financial means are fundamental for us, too for the success of the Lausitz-Rallye – besides voluntary assistants, road marshals and many other pieces of the puzzle.

Sponsoren PartnerPartnerships not only from the region
Thanks to the support of numerous companies from the region – but also from throughout Germany – we are able to launch an event that becomes increasingly attractive every year.
To interest these partners for the rally again and again is a matter of the heart but also a necessity. We understand sponsoring as a cycle of give and take. Awareness, visibility and advertising effects in an attractive surrounding are the “currency” that the sponsor receives for his financial or material support. Although “cash” helps us to pay the due bills, we place equal value on the free provision of vehicles, construction machines or personnel.
We are grateful to our partners and sponsors. Through their commitment they make the realisation of the rally possible for the teams, spectators and organisers.

Longtime support
The largest sports event of the region can only go smoothly with the tailwind of the authorities and public institutions. Our special thanks goes to the Goerlitzer county commissioner Bernd Lange, the Jobcenter Goerlitz, the traffic office, the community Boxberg with the mayor Achim Junker, as well as all offices and subordinate authorities involved. Be it police, ambulance, fire brigades and doctors – we would be lost without the skilled and motivated members.

The Stiftung der Sparkasse Oberlausitz-Niederschlesien has been engaged as a main sponsor for our event for years. Regina Risy, the managing director of the Sparkassen-Stiftung says: “It is a great pleasure for us to support the rally, because we really appreciate the work of the voluntary assistants and the whole Orga team. In addition the Lausitz-Rallye is an event that enjoys a reputation beyond the region’s borders and is a sporting symbol of the Oberlausitz”.

With the NADEBOR Tief- und Landeskulturbau GmbH based in Krauschwitz, we found a partner that repairs the special stages before and after the event with special machines and know-how. Manja Nadebor, the managing director of the NADEBOR Tief- und Landeskulturbau GmbH: “We as a local company are very proud to support such an international event. It is an important contribution to the success of this sportive highlight in the Lausitz. With the rally we experience the Lausitz in a different way and of course we are glad to make our region more popular and interesting”.

The Bundeswehr is also one of our most reliable supporters. Not only the permission to use the roads of the military training area Oberlausitz, but also the support in the organisation ensures a smooth communication. The commander, lieutenant colonel René Pierschel explains: “The military training area Oberlausitz is firmly established in the region and has a special bond with it not only in name. This is why we are glad to contribute to a positive awareness of our homeland through our support”. 
Effects on tourism and economy
A study of a business consulting in 2004 has shown that the Lausitz-Rallye is a significant economic factor in the region. Here are some interesting facts of it in extracts:

- 30 percent of the guests are from abroad, especially from the nations of the participants  
- 68 percent of the visitors stayed overnight in the region
- 90 percent of the guests stayed for two or more days in the Lausitz
- every rally fan spent 92,50 Euro on average for the visit of the event
- more than 6 percent of the fans combined their visit of the rally with holidays in the region

These numbers are likely to have stayed constant or even increased with the popularity of the Lausitz-Rallye in the past years. In addition we welcome more than 100 journalists from Germany and other countries at every event who report intensively on the Lausitz-Rallye. And if you include the 100 and more participating teams and their support convoy, it results in further 1.500 engineers, mechanics and assistants.

These impressive results show the standards and claims that we achieved for the Lausitz-Rallye together with our local and national partners and sponsors.

Author: Björn Fröbe
Photo: Bea & Klaus Richter