Today, we announce the renewed partnership with Radio WSW! It is a pleasure for us because the regional radio station is our media partner with its rally radio since the very first Lausitz-Rallye in 1977 – the “former” Lausitz-Rallye took place in Hoyerswerda at the time.

Radio WSW logoThe team around Egbert Jurk supports us with an extensive coverage on the event and with the live broadcasting of the special stages, the new spot for the 22nd Lausitz-Rallye and with the old hands Alfred Gorny and Martin Kasten who are commenting live in the service park and the “Arena”. This has set new standards for the rally scene in Germany!

In special live programmes, the rally radio provides you with full-time information directly from the special stages, tips on the access roads and parking areas as well as safety behaviour instructions on the stages.

This involves the use of wide-ranging transmission technology. Besides the broadcast van, which is placed in the service park, a digital radio and line network is connected to guarantee an interference-free transmission. Afterwards the live reports make their way to the broadcasting studio in Weißwasser via a dedicated line.

The live stream of Radio WSW provides you with up-to-date information on these websites:, or the FM Frequency Weißwasser (89,20 MHz) and Bautzen (94,9 MHz).

Besides the regional radio station with news from the Upper Lausitz, live broadcasting of hockey games of the Lausitzer Füchse and music broadcasting, Radio WSW also has a regional TV programme: „Radio WSW – mittendrin und ganz dicht dran!“

Author: Björn Fröbe