Finland, New Zealand, Thuringia and many more – One cancellation after another. All over the world, rally fans are going through a hard time, like everybody else who is affected by restrictions in the current situation.

Matthias Kahle at the Lausitz-Rallye in 2019The frequent news about cancelled events, dates that have to be postponed for the end of the year or sportsmen and teams who are struggling financially, did also not leave us completely unscathed.

We as a club are also affected. Important incomes from the cooperations with regional organisers ceased and events were cancelled. This means that now we depend on voluntary contributions and financial support from partners and sponsors, more than in the past years. Otherwise the organisation of the International Lausitz-Rallye is on shaky ground.  

The key points are specified
In our meeting on 4 June we intensively discussed if and under which circumstances we as a club can organise this year‘s Lausitz-Rallye. As things are today, we expect that our event will take place. Certainly under adjusted conditions and with the necessary hygienical precautions.

In addition to the organisational part, we incorporated the stages. We sum up what you can expect:
12 special stages with many new sections (two more special stages than last year)
167,44 special stage kilometers (again 1,23 km more than last year!!!)
• Only 14,80 kilometer on solid ground (2019: 22,28 km)
• Slightly increased overall distance with 326,10 km (2019: 310,55 km)
• Usual awesome ratio of 51,19 % special stages to 48,81 % liaison stages

Conversations with partners, sponsors and authorities
Despite many unpredictabilities, we keep our confidence and optimism, that we kept through the past years. We hope that our partners, sponsors and service providers, like us, emerge strengthened from the current situation and that together we can ensure the continued existence of our event.

Currently we discuss the necessary adjustments with the local authorities, the FIA, the DMSB and our partners.
We are all facing special challenges in these turbulent times. This is why we observe the social, economic and sports developments very closely, because the motor sport can also not take place outside the social context.
LR LeitungssitzungBesides the economic consequences, there are also very practical issues. How do the international associations organise themselves (FIA European Rally Trophy – the International Lausitz-Rallye is the final run)? What are the plans of the DMSB and the national series organisers (ADMV, Schotter-Cup etc.)? These questions will need to be answered in the next weeks.

So that the rally sport can come through the crisis sustainable and without disadvantages and we can start the 23rd International Lausitz-Rallye with enthusiastic fans, attractive stages and highly motivated teams.

See you in Boxberg!

Author: Björn Fröbe
Photo Credits:, Lausitz-Rallye