The BORBET Sachsen GmbH is participating in the Lausitz-Rallye this year for the first time. BORBET is a family business and traditional company at the same time and has evolved to one of the leading manufacturer of light metal wheels worldwide since 1962.

152 BORBET SachsenBORBET stands for high quality, innovative technologies and groundbreaking design - Workmanship that has helped to make the company a popular partner in the automotive industry and the specialist trade. But BORBET as a trade mark is also firmly established in the motor sport -  and is an important employer in Saxony with the factory in Kodersdorf since 2015.

151 BORBET LackierereiBORBET Sachsen is a job engine for the region
On a production area of 40.000 m², around 2.5 million wheels are produced annualy by now 530 employees. The threefold increase of manpower in just three years (May 2016: 177 employees) shows the potential of BORBET as a job engine in the region. Here the wheels run smoothly in the most literal sense – because BORBET is the first choice for many car brands as original equipment manufacturer. In addition to the PSA group (Peugeot/Citroen/Opel), Skoda and Suzuki, that account for two thirds of the production, many wheels from Kodersdorf also go to VW, BMW, Daimler, Smart, Renault and Ford.

In the Summer of 2019, the building of a new hall with an integrated training workshop comes along with a fully automated production with a 3.6 kilometer transport system and a SAP inventory management. This once again shows that BORBET Sachsen is full speed ahead – with wheels and job creation. 

Author: Björn Fröbe