In today's press conference, the organizers explained the current plans. Due to the corona pandemic, the event can now be carried out under strict safety and hygiene measures. However, no spectators are allowed.

The 23rd International ADMV Lausitz Rally from November 5th to 7th, 2020 can be carried out with today's status. For the first time in its history, the traditional event has to do without spectators this year.

Spectators not possible this year
"We fought very hard for the fans until yesterday, but the ever-increasing corona numbers ultimately forced us to make this decision", said head of organization Wolfgang Rasper, adding: "Many different spectator concepts were developed to ensure a safe rally. First with social distancing and face masks, later with only 1,000 visitors per day and finally the capacities were further reduced day by day."

With the rapidly increasing numbers of corona virus cases, these efforts have now been nullified. A stricter general decree has been in effect in the Görlitz district since October 18, which, among other things, strictly regulates public events. The Free State of Saxony also decided on further regulations in its Saxon Corona Protection Ordinance of October 22nd.

The organizing RRWC Lausitz e.V. affirms its responsibility for participants, spectators and the entire organization team. Press spokesman Björn Fröbe says: "The health of everyone involved has absolute priority for us. Sure, the disappointment is huge, but common sense tells me that it is the right decision."

Asking fans to stay home
In the last few days there have been several comments on social media to visit the Lausitz-Rallye regardless of all restrictions. This is clearly rejected and sanctioned by the organizer. Wolfgang Rasper says of the consequences: "Anyone who stays illegally and despite the ban on spectators on the track is abusing the house rights that have been assigned to us. This will be punished with a fine and will lead to stop the rally." Trained and present security staff will support the organizer.

Rasper adds: "With all the enthusiasm for rallying, we appeal to the fans' reason to stay at home this year. In doing so, they are doing the Lausitz-Rallye the greatest favor in order to secure a future for Germany's most popular gravel rally."